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Supported resolutions:max. 8.3 Mpx – 3840 x 2160 px, 4K UHD
Video outputs:1 pcs HDMI
1 pcs VGA
Audio support:8 Channels – Audio from cameras
Audio inputs:1 pcs CINCH – External microphone input
Audio outputs:1 pcs CINCH
Image compression method:H.265H.264
Supported hard drives:1  x 6 TB SATA
Recording modes:Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule
Network protocols:HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, IPv4/IPv6, UPnP, RTSP, UDP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, IP Filter, FTP, IP Search, ONVIF 2.4
External storage devices backup:Backup to USB drive (pendrive)
Searching and playback the records:Records searching: by time and events type. Records playback: forward, backward, fast, slow
Advanced searching (to the one second accuracy)
All channels synchronous playback, Smart Search function
Network functions:Full support via network, Remote records copying, Web Server built-in
max. 128 on-line users
Bitrate:max. 80 Mb/s
USB:2 pcs USB 2.0
Mobile phones support:Port no.: 37777 or access by a cloud (P2P)

There are also paid versions of mobile applications: gDMSS Plus, iDMSS Plus

Default admin user / password:admin / admin
Default IP address:
Web browser access ports:80, 37777
PC client access ports:37777
Mobile client access ports:37777
Port ONVIF:80
RTSP URL:rtsp://admin:admin@ – Main stream
rtsp://admin:admin@ – Sub stream
Alarm inputs / outputs:
PTZ control:IP Speed Dome Cameras
Motion Detection:22 x 18 motion zones – after motion detection records detected channels only
Mouse support:
IR remote controller in the set:
Power supply:12 V DC / 2 A (power adapter included)
Weight:0.82 kg
Dimensions:260  x 225  x 48 mm
Supported languages:English, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Hungarian
Country of origin:China
Manufacturer / Brand:DAHUA


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